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Michelle Moraes, Massage Therapist


Manual Osteopathic Therapy, Massage Therapy

Michelle Moraes

Massage Therapist & Manual Osteopath

Michelle is an RMT that provides experienced Massage Therapy and Manual Osteopathic Therapy at Otium Wellness.

About Michelle:

Growing up I was an avid basketball player, I could always be found shooting hoops, lifting in the gym or running on the track. My identity revolved around being an athlete. In high school I suffered devastating injuries to both of my knees. At the time these injuries felt like a death of my former self, now I realize it was the catalyst to discovering my passion for healing the body.

I worked as a Personal Fitness Trainer for six years before deciding to go back to school to study Massage Therapy. I immediately fell in love with massage. The body is so intriguing and I am fascinated by client’s responses to various treatments and modalities.

I am a ferocious learner with a desire to continue to understand the latest research in soft tissue treatments, pain science, and orthopedic assessments. Most recently I completed my Manual Osteopathic training, it is an honour to share my passion with all those who enter my treatment room.

Favourite quote:

“We must accept that patients are not neat packages of mechanics or pathology, but suffering human begins. Professional life may be much simpler if we stick to physical treatment of mechanical problems, but health care demands that we treat human beings.”