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Jennifer S, Massage Therapist


Massage Therapy

Jennifer S

Massage Therapist

Jennifer S is an experienced massage therapist that provides massage therapy at Otium Wellness.

About Jennifer:

With over 17 years in practice, Jenn is a highly experienced Massage Therapist. She is dedicated to helping clients achieve a deep sense of relaxation and well-being through a holistic approach that combines massage with energy work.

Jenn is passionate about nature and believes that healing and balance are beautifully present in the natural world. She draws on this philosophy to create a calming and restorative experience for clients. Jenn’s massage techniques are tailored to each individual client; often incorporating Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue techniques, Trigger Point Therapy and Dynamic Cupping.

Jenn’s goal is to help clients achieve a greater sense of mind-body harmony, allowing them to move through life with greater ease and comfort with Massage Therapy.