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Faith Samek

Massage Therapist

Faith Samek is an experienced massage therapist who provides Massage Therapy at Otium Wellness.

About Faith:

Throughout my entire life, my love for sports has been a constant thread. My journey began with rugby at the age of 8, and while it remained my favorite, I also explored other physical activities such as dance, soccer, and taekwondo. Rugby, in particular, ignited my fascination with injuries and the remarkable healing process of the human body.

Presently, I am an enthusiastic gym-goer, appreciating not only the personal benefits it brings but also its positive impact on my professional life. Armed with my gym experiences, I can guide my clients in performing home exercises and stretches accurately, ensuring optimal results.

A proud graduate of Makami College, I have spent the past year working in multidisciplinary clinics, completing a rigorous 3000-hour program that provided extensive hands-on learning opportunities. The collaborative environment of healthcare practitioners has been a source of both challenge and inspiration for me. Working alongside professionals from diverse backgrounds has broadened my knowledge, which I am eager to share with others.

My journey in the field of health and wellness began in high school when I realized my desire for a rewarding career where I could make a positive impact on people’s well-being. This realization led me to pursue Sports Medicine and eventually Massage Therapy. The intricacies of the human body have always fascinated me, driving my eagerness to delve deeper.

As a driven and passionate individual, I thrive on hands-on work and take joy in imparting my knowledge to others. Within the realm of Massage Therapy, I particularly appreciate the profound connection between the mind and body, the creation of personalized rehabilitation plans, as well as the intricacies of Deep Tissue work and Trigger Point Therapy.